Everything You Need to Know About Julianne Hough’s New Boyfriend

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Sometimes the easiest way to get over an ex-boyfriend is get a dramatic haircut brand new one. At least, that's what Julianne Hough seems to have done.

The "Rock of Ages" star (who, just for the record, did also get a haircut) has really moved on from ex Ryan Seacrest, whom she parted ways with last March. The triple-threat has been spotted all over Los Angeles with Washington Capitals hockey player Brooks Laich... not that this should be too surprising, since Julianne openly shared her preference for being committed in the March issue of Self.

"I'm a relationship girl, and I feel so grateful for the ones I've been in. They've been excellent — I've been hurt but never angry — and they've helped me grow to be who I am today," she told the magazine. "But my goal has been to be single for an entire year. There have been moments when I'm like, 'This sucks!' But my dad used to say to me, 'When you feel happy with who you are, you won't need anybody to fill a void.' So for now, I'm focusing on my work and my soul. I honestly don't care if I meet somebody or not. I'm just loving life on my own with my own two feet on the ground."

Be that as it may, it seems she didn't quite reach her goal, which means she must really like this guy. So who is he, exactly? Here's everything you need to know about Julianne's new beau.

1. He is a Canadian hockey star. Brooks was born in Wawota in southeastern Saskatchewan and was on the ice by the age of 2. He played in the Western Hockey League before being drafted by the Ottawa Senators in 2001. He started playing for the Washington Capitals in 2003 and is now the team's alternate captain, which means they like him. Some of his career highlights include earning a silver medal for Canada in the 2003 World Junior Championships and playing for Canada again in the 2010 World Hockey Championships.

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2. He is not used to the paparazzi. Though Brooks is certainly a star in his own right, he's not used to the paps that follow his new girlfriend (almost) all the time. "That was a new experience for me," he told CBS DC of being followed by photographers during a recent outing with his new girlfriend. "I mean [I've] been around camera crews and whatever, pictures, or autograph seekers and stuff before, but those guys are relentless. We're just driving through town and they're swerving in and out of traffic trying to follow you." Still, he realizes it's just their job. "We just went for a hike one day and they're running through the leaves and the bushes, and it's like, 'Oh, these guys are working hard.'"

3. He is super close with his family. In addition to his parents, Brooks has an older sister, a younger brother, a niece, and two nephews. As evidenced by his Twitter posts, he's a loving son, a doting uncle, and generally stays connected with the whole gang.

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4. He didn't make the first move with Julianne. Brooks admits he can't take all the credit for meeting Julianne — it turns out their mutual friend Teddy Sears, who recently filmed "Curve" with the "Dancing With the Stars" alum, in is responsible for setting them up. "On set apparently, he was talking with Julianne… and then asked her if she'd been seeing anyone, and she said no or whatever, and I guess he was watching our hockey game at the time," Laich recounted. "He just showed her the iPad and said, 'Well I've got a guy for you' or something." Julianne and Brooks met in person in December at a party hosted by Teddy. In other words, Sears hooked it up.

5. He is a good Samaritan. Brooks made the news in April 2010 when he helped a woman and her daughter, who were stranded on the side of the road, by fixing a flat tire on their car. The press was especially enchanted by his kindness because he had been driving home from the 2010 NHL playoffs, which he'd lost. Though he brushed the whole thing off as "not a big deal," many others took note. But it's not just spur-of-the-moment aid he offers either. Brooks is actively involved in charity work, supporting Flashes of Hope as well as Athletes Against Autism.

6. He was not a "Dancing With the Stars" fan. Asked if he watched the show that first made Julianne famous, Brooks admitted, "To be honest, I had never seen an episode... But in my defense, [Julianne] had never seen a Caps game either until she met Teddy."

7. He has musical talents of his own. But even though he might not be as musically gifted as his girlfriend, doesn't mean Brooks doesn't have some skills of his own. When he's not on the ice, he (apparently) enjoys playing the drums.

8. He is romantic, but shy. On the topic of his new love, Brooks gushed, "I don't want to get into a whole lot of it. I'm kind of shy in my personal life. But she's a cool, cool gal. She's just a sweetheart, very loving, very giving. She puts so much great out into the world. I'm a pretty lucky guy." And on Valentine's Day he posted a (generic) sweet tweet.

9. His number one goal in life is to win the Stanley Cup. While Julianne has his heart, Brooks still has other dreams to pursue. On his website, he declares that his ultimate goal is winning the Stanley Cup. "I dreamt about holding it as a kid, drew pictures of it, had posters of it on my wall. In my mind I've won it a million times, but have fallen short so far in my NHL career," he wrote. "So I continue to practice and play every day with that goal firmly entrenched in my mind. The dream of winning the Stanley Cup is the driving force behind all my efforts, day in and day out, and the pursuit is relentless."

Maybe, just maybe, if does win it one day, Julianne will be celebrating with him.