Ellen DeGeneres Thanks Firefighters for Containing the California Wildfires, Which Threatened Her Home

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The wildfires ripping through Ventura County, California, hit close to home -- quite literally -- for Ellen DeGeneres.

On Tuesday's "Ellen DeGeneres Show," the 55-year-old talk show host took a few minutes for serious conversation, specifically to thank the firefighters who worked to contain the blaze, which spread to more than 28,000 acres and threatened 4,000 homes, including her own ranch in Hidden Valley. The comedian and her wife Portia de Rossi's sprawling property, which was featured in the May issue of Elle Décor, was in the path of fire, but was ultimately saved thanks to the massive rescue efforts.

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"I was watching our house on the news," said DeGeneres, who evacuated the horses from the multi-structure ranch but had a caretaker there overseeing the property. "The helicopter was above our house. It’s just surreal to be watching ... that’s our house."

She showed photos of the property with flames and smoke right beyond it, noting that in the area, "Everything was charred. People lost a lot of land." However, "No houses were lost."

DeGeneres went on to thank the responders, some of whom bunked at her home -- which features eight cabins -- while fighting the blaze.

"The firefighters were based in several homes in our area -- and our farm was one of them. They were on our property," she said. "We had 16 firefighters that spent the night there. They had dinner there. They had breakfast there. They showered there. We were so glad that we could help them."

While the conversation was certainly serious, DeGeneres also showed her trademark humor at one point. After showing a photo of her housekeeper Sylvia posing with the firefighters, she noted that her employee became an especially big fan.

"Here's Sylvia, our housekeeper. She got a picture with the guys that were there," said DeGeneres. "She’s very happy. Sylvia is now engaged to four of them I believe."

However, she ended on a serious note -- of thanks.

"The firefighters are amazing. You women and men who do this are amazing," she gushed. "They worked so, so hard. So thank you to all the firefighters everywhere."

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