Elizabeth Hurley Nonchalantly Denies Bill Clinton Affair Rumors

Taryn Ryder
Yahoo Celebrity

This isn't Elizabeth Hurley's first time at the tabloid rodeo.
The 48-year-old model is denying claims that she engaged in a yearlong affair with Bill Clinton in the '90s.

So where did the "silly" rumor start?
Radar Online cites an alleged recording of Hurley's ex-boyfriend, Tom Sizemore, explaining how he set the former President of the United States up with the "Austin Powers" actress during a screening of "Saving Private Ryan" at the White House in 1998.
The gossip site claims the audiotape is a recording from January 2014. A voice they allege is Sizemore's can be heard recounting the long story to two friends whose voices have been omitted.
However, Sizemore — who has a long history of substance abuse problems — spoke to HuffPost Live and set the record straight.

 “No, [the allegations are] not true," he said. "I was never at the White House and I never met Bill Clinton ... I'm not denying that I said these things. I don't remember saying these things. It’s an old video tape and they’re the rantings of a guy, and it’s been well-chronicled, that had a real severe drug problem.”

As for Clinton, well, we're sure he has more important things to worry about than respond to a tabloid report.