A Drinking Game for Your Beyonce Viewing Party

Matt Donnelly
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Chances are you've heard of a little documentary called "Life Is But A Dream," a film directed by and starring Beyonce Knowles about Beyonce Knowles.

Covering the last three years of her life, and subsequent rise to reigning pop queen and style icon, the flick will premiere Saturday night on HBO.

For those who aren't fortunate enough to actually live the "Crazy In Love" hit maker's "dream" life, let life be but a drinking game. Gather your friends, blow out your hair, slip on your freakum dress and take a drink when the following happens:

  • Any time you spot Beyonce's amazing $1 million Mercedes mini-van, a roving fortress and mobile office that transports her to and from various appointments.
  • Any time you hear commentary from someone on Team Beyonce about how difficult it is for her to make a move without attention from the global media.
  • Any time Blue Ivy Carter's bassinet, marsupial carrier, or other piece of baby equipment is in frame.
  • Any time a relative, former teacher, or colleague reminisces about how Beyonce was always going to be a star.
  • Whenever Beyonce plays her favorite board game, Connect Four.
  • Any time hair flips, or conversations are had about hair flipping.
  • Whenever Beyonce tears up, alone, speaking into a laptop camera from the oversized bed of a luxurious hotel suite.
  • When Kelly Rowland or Michelle Williams make cameos, especially in the context of babysitting Blue Ivy, call for group shots.
  • When Gwyneth Paltrow sends Beyonce a text message.
  • Any time Jay-Z does anything at all.

Appoint a designated driver, and enjoy "Life Is But A Dream."

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