Dorothy Hamill Talks to ‘omg! Insider’ Minutes After ‘DWTS’ Exit

Sarah Flanigan
omg! Celeb News

Just minutes after making the shocking announcement that she was dropping out of dance competition show “Dancing With the Stars,” Dorothy Hamill shared her story with “omg! Insider” correspondent Michael Yo and "Yo Show" host chatted backstage.

The former Olympic figure skater wiped away tears saying, “I just wanted you to know that it’s my choice to let the others continue. It wouldn’t be fair for me to stay in it.”

Hamill is suffering from a spinal cyst, and, if not treated probably, the problem could become pretty severe. “To risk nerve damage, you know, I have weakness on my foot, for the rest of my life, just doesn’t make sense,” she told Yo, adding, “ I’ve got a serious problem … my spine surgeon said it wouldn’t be smart for me to continue because I wasn’t getting better.”

Check out this vid to see what else Dorothy shared about her exit just after she stepped off the dance floor.

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