Does Tim McGraw Have a Secret Son?

Breanne L. Heldman
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Having a secret child you have to keep from your wife may sound like the makings of a perfect country song, but it's not part of real life for Tim McGraw.

The famed crooner was hit with accusations earlier this week that he had a "son" he was keeping from wife Faith Hill. Only, that's not really the truth.

Tyler Zarbo, a 23-year-old student living in Orlando, Florida, told The National Enquirer that when McGraw was engaged to his mom, Kristine Donahue, McGraw helped raise him even though he was not the singer's biological son. Supposedly, when McGraw and Donahue split in the mid-90s, the two men stayed in touch. Zarbo even went so far as to say that the 45-year-old "saw me as the son he never had."

"Tim stayed in touch with Kristine and Tyler," a source told the tabloid. "But when Faith found out, she was furious … Tim had cut all ties to Kristine and keep his contact with Tyler under the radar."

"The National Enquirer story is full of inaccuracies and misrepresentations about Tim and Faith," McGraw's rep, Mary Hilliard Harrington, told People. "We aren't going to comment on false statements that appear to have been sensationalized for the purpose of selling tabloid magazines."

McGraw and Hill were married in 1996 and have three daughters together, Gracie, 15, Maggie, 14, and Audrey, 11.

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