Does Robert Pattinson Have the Worst Teeth Ever?

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For once, Robert Pattison’s fans might not find him so kissable.

The “Twilight Saga” super hunk gets a major makeunder for his latest role in “The Rover” – and it’s buh-bye, pearly whites. Hello, cruddy choppers!

While shooting the drama in Australia on February 28, RPattz was snapped flashing a smile, but the wattage was dialed way down because he was sporting rotten, yellow teeth.

The mouthy movie prop wasn’t the only part of Pattinson’s dehunkification. The 26-year-old had a buzz cut, some facial hair, and was wearing ill-fitting clothes that didn’t appear to have been laundered in some time.

While his new look may not exactly set the hearts of his fans aflutter, Pattinson gets to show a different side of his acting abilities in the flick, playing a gang member in the Australian Outback.

“The Rover” has brought Pattinson to the other side of the globe, so he has been apart from lady love Kristen Stewart. But she seems to be doing just fine, spending time with friends – like Taylor Lautner earlier this week – in Los Angeles in his absence.

And when they do reunite, the British actor will be back to being pin-up perfection, we’re sure.

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