Did Madonna Join Instagram? Account Surfaces With Racy Pics

Jeremy Blacklow
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Did she or didn’t she?

That’s the question Madonna fans are asking after an unverified Instagram account purporting to belong to the “Girl Gone Wild” singer surfaced on Monday.

So far, seven pics have been posted to the account, and it already has over 61,000 followers. If this is indeed a real account, Madonna certainly isn’t being shy (then again, is she ever?). Amongst the pics is one of the singer appearing quite sweaty with the camera zoomed in on her cleavage and one of her sipping on a martini looking completely gaunt. In another, she pretends to sport a fake mustache. The main reason this account seems fake is that it’s unlikely the Material Girl would post such unflattering shots of herself.

However, there are a few signs that it could be the real deal. Namely, the aforementioned “sweaty cleavage” pic also exists on her official Facebook page, which has over 10 million followers (the other photos, however, are not there).

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Madonna has flirted with social media before. Last spring when her new album was being released, she joined Twitter for one day (and again later for a second day), before leaving the 140-character messaging app for good. During her brief foray, she got into a war of words with Deadmau5 and flirted with Britney Spears and Anderson Cooper.

Us Weekly, Gawker and GossipCop have all reported that the account is real.

omg! has a call out to Madonna’s rep to verify whether or not it is in fact legit.

What do you think? Is this a fake Instagram account … or is it real? And if it’s real, are these photos flattering or a turn-off? Sound off in the comments below.

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