All the Details Behind Lindsay Lohan’s New Website

Jeremy Blacklow

Lindsay Lohan's August post-rehab comeback continued on Thursday when she launched her new website,

The SpinMedia-operated site, which sources tell omg! has been in development for a little over a year, is filled with photos and videos of "The Canyons" star, along with her tasteful fashion and music recommendations.

"She wants the site to be a place for her fans first, she knows she wouldn't even be standing today if it weren't for them," a source close to Lohan tells omg!. "She'll highlight her personal style, but also make it an intersection for fashion, music, and art."

The source adds that Lindsay felt she wanted a creative outlet beyond acting through which to express herself during this new period in her life.

"This is like a project for her — and she's still trying to understand the digital space and how to have a footprint that's effective and ultimately positive. She wants a creative diversion so she can connect with fans and give them a place that's informative and fun, but chic."

However, Lohan didn't want the site to launch until she was truly ready to introduce the world to the new-and-improved version of herself. "Lindsay is tired of the negativity surrounding her life," the source continues. "She knows her career is being overshadowed. Her true passion is for acting."

The site may also be a place where she breaks news, so fans should keep an eye on it for stories coming directly from her as the source. "Lindsay knows she can't control how information gets out about her life, but she wants a safe place to respond if it makes sense," the source continues. "But she's not going to be ranting. She's really really focused on restoring her career and finding peace in her life right now."

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