Dennis Rodman Makes It Rain in Popular L.A. Gay Bar

Jeremy Blacklow

File this under things you don't see every day.

Last night, Dennis Rodman walked into the Abbey — a gay bar institution in West Hollywood — and made it rain for the crowd. But he did it with $1 dollar bills!

"It was completely bizarre," a bar patron tells omg!. "He basically strolled into the club, threw a bunch of $1 bills into the dance floor and a VIP area next to the DJ booth, gave a bunch of people high fives and fist bumps, and then went and sat at a table outside for a while."

Despite his flashy entrance, Rodman, 52, was not able to make it rain with Benjamins. (He was only seventh runner-up on Donald Trump's "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice" after all!)

Cash flow aside, it's unclear as to what Rodman's sexual orientation is. The former NBA star, who's been romantically linked to Madonna and was once briefly married to Carmen Electra, described himself as bisexual in his 1997 book "Bad As I Wanna Be." Years later, he reportedly said that he was 100% straight.

Then again, he also once put on a dress and said that he was going to marry himself (to promote his book), so any speculation on his true sexuality should probably be taken with a grain of salt.

It wasn't Rodman's first time at the Abbey though — which is known for its frequent celeb sightings (Christina Aguilera's a regular, and Elizabeth Taylor used to go regularly when she was alive). In fact, the dude's hung out there for years. He was spotted there as far back as 2007, and in February he even took over emceeing the bar's Lip Service drag night.

Well, at least Kim Jong-un wasn't with him. Because that would've been really weird.

Earlier Sunday night, Rodman was apparently seen on the mic at the W hotel in Hollywood's jazz night. So random, right?