Dear Kristen Stewart, You Should Have Washed Your Car

Jenny Depper
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This is what happens when you don't wash your car!

Kristen Stewart got an unsightly (and, let's be honest, hilarious) reminder of her recent breakup with longtime boyfriend Robert Pattinson on Monday when an overzealous Robsten fan wrote, "I <3 Rob," on the hood of her dust-covered blue Toyota truck while it was parked in Los Angeles.

Like most people, the "Twilight" star probably didn't need someone to point out that her relationship of more than three years was dunzo. The pair, who split in late May, isn't showing any signs of reconciling, which has many Robsten fans (like the car culprit ... or clever paparazzo) up in arms.

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To make matters worse, it looks like the 23-year-old actress also snagged a parking ticket.

Thankfully, in the coming months K.Stew won't have time to be bothered with problems like dirty cars and parking tickets as she'll be filming her next flick, "Camp X-Ray." Stewart reported for duty on the film's Los Angeles set on Monday. In it, she plays a soldier who befriends an inmate at the legendary prison camp Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

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We bet she is wishing that the flick was actually filming in Cuba right about now … which would be far enough away to let the rest of her R.Pattz memories collect dust (much like her car).

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