David Arquette to Howard Stern: Yes, I’m Drinking Again


David Arquette just can't stop 'fessin up to Howard Stern.

The "Scream" star — who is a huge Howard Stern fan and has even served as an intern for the radio show — famously called in to Stern's SiriusXm program in 2010 to dish about his marriage to and sex life with actress Courteney Cox, just one day after the couple announced their separation.

On Monday, Arquette felt the need to reach out to the shock jock again, except this time he wanted to talk about the recent reports that, despite having gone to rehab for alcohol abuse in 2011, he's back on the bottle. The 41-year-old actor admitted that the reports were true, and that the sobriety he had maintained for two years and four months is now a thing of the past.

"I'm drinking again … I'm a drinker, I drink a lot," he confessed, noting that he started up again because he was "feeling like I wasn't being that true to myself. I'm a wild man, I do get out of control, I try to keep a cap on it."

But Arquette, who also noted that he smokes "a little weed," insisted that he can keep things under control.

"I'm a responsible person, I have my daughter three days a week," said Arquette, referring to 9-year-old Coco, whom he shares with Cox. "I'm incredibly responsible. I'm living my life and I'm trying not to hurt people."

When Stern asked the actor how the women in his life — girlfriend Christina McLarty and Cox, who have helped him celebrate sober milestones before — reacted to his decision to start drinking again, Arquette gave a surprising answer.

"My girlfriend's cool, she supports me," Arquette said. "She's cool." He added that "everybody's getting along."

Arquette also addressed rumors regarding his professional life. Though some outlets reported last week that he had been fired from the independent film "Something About Her" for showing up to work drunk, the "Scream" star insisted that one wasn't true.

He explained that after he'd worked on the set for three days, he realized that his co-star, "The Breakfast Club's" Anthony Michael Hall, was a better fit for the role Arquette was supposed to play. Also, the director "wasn't happy" with the work Arquette had done so far — "He has his own vision for it, so I get it" — and the split was amicable.

During his chat with Stern, the "Never Been Kissed" actor sounded a little different than usual because he'd lost his voice singing at one of his L.A. nightclubs.

So, how many drinks did he have to go with his big Sunday night on the town?

"I don't know, probably had about four or five drinks … vodka, and I get strong drinks, but it wasn't like I was stumbling around," Arquette shared. "I had a driver, I wasn't like a knucklehead."

As for anyone questioning his decision to hop off the wagon, he had a simple response.

"I think everyone's on their own journey," Arquette said. "I'm tired of everyone judging others … I shut down all my social media because people were being too mean."

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