Daryl Hannah, Anne Hathaway, George Clooney, and Other Famous Celebrity Rabble-Rousers

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Daryl Hannah likes getting arrested, but just not in the Lindsay Lohan way.

Many celebrities use their fame for a good cause, but recently it seems many have been ramping up their passion for political protest (some even all the way to the slammer).

Hannah, along with political activist Robert F. Kennedy and Taylor Swift’s ex Conor Kennedy were all arrested Wednesday in front of the White House while protesting the Keystone XL pipeline. And this wasn’t the “Kill Bill” actress’ first brush with the law.

Hannah was arrested for the same cause back in October for standing in front of an excavator that was clearing the Texas property for construction.

Just last week, “American Horror Story: Asylum” actor James Cromwell was arrested after he ambushed a university board meeting at the University of Wisconsin to protest its alleged torture of cats for scientific research.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles on Thursday, Anne Hathaway spent her time campaigning -- not for an Oscar, but rather, for women’s rights. The actress was drawing awareness for One Billion Rising, a global effort to oppose sexual violence through dance, as actress Jane Fonda explained during a rally alongside Hathaway and actress Marisa Tomei in West Hollywood.

“Hatha-haters” step aside, because you can’t get around the fact it’s kind of awesome that the busy actress made time to do this during awards season — and on Valentine's Day to boot!

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Also, this isn’t the first time Hathaway has made headlines for a cause she believed in. Back in November 2011, the “Les Mis” actress joined hundreds of protestors as she joined an Occupy Wall Street demonstration in Manhattan's Union Square.

Which other celebs have made a splash — many ending up behind bars — for causes they believe in?

Well, the aforementioned Fonda, was the original celebrity political protester, being falsely arrested for drug smuggling on her way returning from an anti-Vietnam protest in 1970. She became a symbol of the “leftie liberal” for political conversatives.

Martin Sheen is the most arrested celebrity of all time. The actor claimes he has been taken in a whopping 66 times since 1986. Actor Noah Wyle even claimed last year that Sheen inspired him to get arrested.

Who can forget George Clooney’s arrest in March 2012 for protesting at the Sudanese Embassy in Washington! That was probably the sexiest mug shot ever (too bad it never surfaced!).

Then there was Hayden Panettiere, who had an arrest warrant issued for her in Japan along with Aussie actress Isabel Lucas in 2007, after she tried to prevent Japanese whalers from doing their jobs. The “Nashville” actress is a spokesperson for SaveTheWhalesAgain.org and she tried to save dozens of dolphins from being slaughtered off the coast of the country.

Lohan and Amanda Bynes should take note… if you’re going to get cuffed, this is a much sexier way to make headlines.

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