Cuteness Alert! Check Out Chris Brown’s New Puppy

Jeremy Blacklow
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Say what you will about Chris Brown, but the singer definitely has a soft spot somewhere in his heart.

The "Fine China" singer recently launched a new website filled with video and photos called "The Chris Brown Channel" and posted this pic of his adorable new puppy, whose name has yet to be revealed.

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"I'm excited to introduce you to the latest member of the fam!" he wrote Wednesday. "Check out the pic of my new English bulldog puppy that I got last night. He's 16 weeks old and from Columbus! Check back later to find out what I've called him.. What do y'all think of him?"

Sounds like a tease if we've ever heard one.

Hopefully, Brown treats the dog well. English bulldogs are a brachycephalic breed, which means that they have shorter throats and breathing passages, requiring special attention sometimes. Other examples of brachycephalic dogs include pugs, Boston terriers, and French bulldogs. Care needs to be taken when they travel in airplanes.

And, of course, Brown's new bestie - Justin Bieber - hasn't had the best luck with animals in the past.

Maybe the new puppy can make up for the very bad week Brown had the week before last. Or perhaps we'll see a mural of the new puppy painted outside his Hollywood Hills home.

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