Could Megan Fox Be Less Interested in Her New Fragrance?

Lauren Schutte
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Sound the horns! Megan Fox is the face of Avon's forthcoming fragrance, Instinct for Women, and she seems to need a little help getting excited about it.
The actress, who is expecting her second child with husband, Brian Austin Green, next year, was named spokesperson for the sensual scent in August, but she's recently been doing press to promote it's February release.
Well, "promote" might be too strong a word.
Fox, 27, sat down with Cosmo magazine and when the interview turned to questions about her fragrance, she wasn't exactly bubbling with enthusiasm.
For starters, the mom to 14-month-old son Noah, doesn't seem to have much love for February, which happens to be when the scent she's the face of is set to be released.
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"What are your feelings on Valentine's Day?" Cosmo inquired.
"I think it's an unfair and difficult holiday to sit through, especially if you don't have someone at the time," was Fox's dour response. OK …
When the mag asked her if her man likes her to wear fragrance (you know, the thing she's being paid to sell), Megan skipped an easy chance to shill.

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"Brian likes fragrance on me, but he isn't picky," she said, not highlighting Instinct. "He just loves me with whatever I've got going on."
Sweet, but probably not what Avon was hoping for. Indeed, when the mag asked if Austin Green wore Avon's male version of the scent, again Fox distanced herself.

"No, he's not really a cologne guy, he's more of a take a shower/deodorant kind of guy," she quipped.
In positive news for the beauty company's big new spray, Fox was able to identify what she likes about the fragrance — despite never actually saying she wears it herself.
"I personally like that it smells like sandalwood, yet it's still light and fresh," she shared. "It's perfect for day and night, because it's not too-overpowering or too-musky."
To be fair, she does seem to be very passionate about Avon's #SeeTheSigns initiative, helping to launch the company's efforts against domestic violence in New York City on Nov. 22.

We guess she's just following her "Instinct."

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