Cory Monteith Won’t Appear in Final ‘Glee’ Episodes, Lea Michele Thanks Fans For Encouragement

Taryn Ryder
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Sorry, "Finchel" fans. Hopes for an on-screen reconciliation between Cory Monteith and Lea Michele's beloved characters on "Glee" will have to be put on hold.

With two episodes left to shoot in season four, sources confirm to omg! that production on Fox's hit show will continue as scheduled without Monteith. The 30-year-old actor was originally set to appear in both episodes in a big way; however, Monteith's absence will be explained, sources say.

A rep for the actor told omg! on Sunday that the "Glee" star voluntarily entered rehab for substance abuse.

The network, show creator Ryan Murphy, Moteith’s girlfriend Lea Michele, and some of the actor’s other "Glee" co-stars have all publicly expressed support for his decision to seek help. Sources assure omg! hey are all as equally supportive behind the scenes.

"Everyone just wants what is best for Cory," a production source tells omg!. "Lea was likely a big factor in Cory choosing to [go to rehab]. He really loves her and values their relationship."

Michele, 26, declared in a statement she will "stand by him" and is definitely practicing what she preaches. A source confirms they remain "very much together" while Monteith is in rehab.

"She is really close with his family, and all of them have been a great support system for Cory," continues omg!'s source.

Meanwhile, Michele tweeted on Monday afternoon:

Wishing Monteith a speedy recovery.

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