Come on Down! Aaron Paul Teaches 'The Price Is Right' Contestant How to Win

Jenny Depper
Yahoo Celebrity

Aaron Paul isn't breaking bad anymore, but he is coaching contestants on how to get on "The Price Is Right."
The "Breaking Bad" star, who made it all the way to the Showcase Showdown himself on the hit game show in 2000, spilled the secret to getting onto the show to an aspiring contestant named Jarod.
Here's what went down:
In the September 2013 video (which is now getting a second life after B.J. Mendelson tweeted about it!), Jarod made it to contestant's row, won the bidding round, then hit the stage and won his game, which netted him a wad of cash and a slew of prizes. After his monumental triumph, the long-haired cutie jumped in the air, pumped his fists, and yelled into the camera "Aaron Paul, you told me how to get here! Yeah."

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Come again? Yes, that's right folks – none other than Jesse Pinkman taught Jarod how to score a spot on the game show.
"He said to jump in the air and pump my fists and say I fold jeans at the Gap," Jarod told host Drew Carey in a taped segment.
Jarod revealed that he bumped into the 34-year-old actor twice in one week and at one point had a 15-minute conversation with him about show strategy, which Jarod said he followed "every bit of."

The two-time Emmy Award winner certainly has a long acting career ahead of him, but if it doesn't work out, he can always moonlight as a game show guru.