Chris Harrison Reveals the Top Cheesiest Lines on ‘The Bachelor’

Sarah Flanigan
Yahoo Celebrity

"The Bachelor" has an abundance of three things: drama, romance, and, of course, cheesy lines!

"The Insider" correspondent Keltie Knight chatted with the show's host, Chris Harrison, on Wednesday, and Harrison revealed his list of the cheesiest things he's ever said on the show.

"I say so many horrible things in the show that it will haunt me til the day I die." Harrison shared. "From, you know, 'Take a moment to say your goodbyes.' And 'This is your final rose tonight.'"

But the host isn't the only one who has a way with words! The current bachelor himself, Juan Pablo, has his own set of cheesy lines he’s used with the women throughout the show and has a track record this season for not only sweeping the ladies off their feet with his looks and accent but also with his kisses.

Harrison gave his best impression of the hunky reality star, divulging his thoughts on the former soccer star's cheesiest lines.

"He is always asking for besitos — kisses." And then he shared which signature move Juan Pablo keeps putting on all the contestants. "He is moving the hair out of their eyes," he said. "Looking at them and saying, 'Look at me.'"

Check out this video to see the cheesiest lines played out, and tune in to "The Insider" tonight for the latest in entertainment news.