Chris Brown’s Body Language Says He’s ‘Not Into’ Rihanna at Grammys

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Chris Brown and Rihanna sure looked happy together at the Grammys, but is their happiness really as strong as it appeared to be on the surface?

The on-again couple sat next to each other during the ceremony, nearly four years to the day he beat her following a 2009 pre-Grammys party, snuggling and posing for the camera. But body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass sees something more to their smiley faces.

In the top left photo, Brown appears to be “not into” Rihanna, Dr. Glass tells omg!. “She is all over him, [yet] she holds on to herself. He looks ahead and takes up so much room … he is being emotionally abusive towards her and not meeting her emotional needs.”

The second photo “is even worse,” says Dr. Glass, noting that the “Diamonds” singer appears to be “sad,” continuing, “Her arms are crossed over her torso in defensive mode. He is laughing and happy and she is not. He has his arm around the chair and not around her. There is no physical contact.”

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In another photo, the couple was not aware that they were being photographed as they watched the stage. And with the camera off of them, there appeared to be “no connection between these two,” believes Dr. Glass. “She holds onto herself because he is not even acknowledging her. Her shoulders are hunched over showing poor self-esteem and insecurity. This is not the confident radiant Rihanna we have seen.”

Still, the two packed on the PDA at an after party at Supperclub in Hollywood. “They seemed super happy,” one source tells omg!. “They were dancing and having a lot of fun.”

And they may have been under the influence, too. On Monday, TMZ published photos of Brown and Rihanna – who have been very open about their marijuana use – smoking what appears to be a blunt inside the club -- before he drove them both home.

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