Celebs React to Charles Ramsey and the Rescue of Three Cleveland Women

Jenny Depper
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Two days after missing women Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and
Michelle Knight were discovered near the Cleveland, Ohio, neighborhoods from
which they vanished nearly a decade earlier, details are starting to emerge
about their rescue and horrifying ordeal.

The women, who were held captive by local musician and bus
driver Ariel Castro and his two brothers, made a harrowing escape on Monday
after Berry was able to kick down a door with the help of neighbor Charles
Ramsey. At the time, Ramsey, who said he was just munching on McDonald's when
he saw a woman crying for help, did not realize who he was rescuing. Berry
frantically called 911 and let the world know that she, her 6-year-old daughter
that was born in captivity, and the two other missing women were alive.

The nation and celebrities are still reeling from the
chilling plot that seems fit for a Hollywood horror movie. Here's how they're
reacting on Twitter!