Celebs Rally Around Prop 8 Supreme Court Hearings

Jeremy Blacklow
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Today in Washington, D.C., The Supreme Court of the United States is hearing arguments in two watershed cases about gay marriage. Today's hearings are regarding the overturning of Proposition 8, the California law passed in 2008 which banned gay marriage in state (where it had been legal for six months previous). Tomorrow, the Justices will hear arguments in a case revisiting the Defense of Marriage Act, the 1996 law signed by President Bill Clinton which banned Federal recognition of gay marriages, creating a complicated two-class system for people whose marriages were recognized by their state, but not by the Federal Government.

The media, activists, and, yes, many celebrities, have flocked to the nation's capital to follow these hearings. And, moreover, many celebrities have become very outspoken about the issue.

Oscar winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black ("Milk") is in D.C. this week, and has been very involved with this case since its beginnings. He wrote the play "8" based on the legal proceedings in the lower circuit courts.

"Getting a bit emotional 36K feet in the air on my way to our nation's capitol for our case against Prop 8 at the US Supreme Court," Black wrote on his Facebook page over the weekend. "These past 4 years have been quite the journey -- likely the most important one I'll ever have the privilege of being a part of."

Another big name involved today is director Rob Reiner ("When Harry Met Sally"), who sits on the board of the American Foundation of Equal Rights and was first in line to hear the Supreme Court's arguments today.

"We're #1! We're #1," he was heard chanting in line (no word on if his chants were in reference to his side in the case, or the fact that he was first in line).

Many other celebs have been voicing their support on Twitter. Below are some of the bigger names, along with their thoughts, opinions, and links: