Celebrity Obsession: Kourtney Kardashian (and 5 Other Stars) Fall in Love With This Kiss-Covered Dress

Suzy Byrne
Yahoo Celebrity

It's a pout parade! Valentine's Day has come and gone, but the love celebrities have for this flirty kiss-covered frock endures, and we're seeing it everywhere.

Kourtney Kardashian is the latest famous face to zip herself into the Alice & Olivia's Pout Fitted Pouf Dress — which is a combination of red sateen up top and a nude taffeta skirt covered with a spray of smooches — for a photo spread in Mini magazine. The "perfect party dress," as the $698 frock is described on the designer's website, has fans beyond the 34-year-old mother of two. From 40-something Bethenny Frankel sporting it on her eponymous talk show to teen "Game of Thrones" star Maisie Williams wearing it to a Hollywood party, famous femmes are feeling, well, passionate about it.

"First things first, Prada was one of the first designers to do it," celeb stylist Jason Bolden explains to Yahoo about the kiss-print trend. "Miuccia did it a couple seasons ago and it was all over the place. People like Tracee Ellis Ross gave it a moment a while back, and now it's caught on again."

Brands ranging from high level Yves Saint Laurent to class for mass H&M are cuddling up to lip patterns, says Bolden, who recently outfitted Mel B. in a kiss dress for "The Voice Kids" Australia. But he calls this particular Alice & Olivia dress, something that's "a little bit more floaty and fun" than others and "spans ages" as long as the ladies "commit to it."

"If you want to be young and flirty today — go around blowing people kisses and smile — it's one of those [dresses] that makes you happy. It's just a happy look," he says. "And I say, no, it doesn't matter the age. It all depends on — and this is something I repeat over and over in the world that I live in — you just have to commit to it. If you're going to wear it, commit to it. Commit to the look and then everything else falls into place. But you have to commit to it."

Let's see how the level of commitment these ladies displayed…

Kourtney Kardashian
Profession: Reality TV star
Age: 34
How she wore it: Tea party style! For the recent photo shoot with the mom mag, Kim's big sis was buttoned up, but playfully posed with her skirt outstretched and paired it with nude heels.
Bolden's take: "I thought Kourtney was super super superchic with it. It was chic, smart, sophisticated, but there was something so relatable about it. That's my favorite way for wearing it. If I were a girl, that's how I would wear it."

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Bethenny Frankel
Profession: Former reality TV star and (soon-to-be) former talk show host
Age: 43
How she wore it: For her talk show on Valentine's Day, she went very va-va-voom with the front opened up generously and sexy red stilettos.
Bolden's take: "It goes to the personality. She has a great yoga body. Why not show off her great arms and open it up and show how good her clavicle looks?" he asks. "And with the pop of red shoe, that made it a little more sensual, which is really appropriate for her body type and personality."

Peyton List
Profession: Actress on Disney Channel's "Jessie"
Age: 15
How she wore it: Pretty simply at the Alice And Olivia by Stacey Bendet fashion show in February.
Bolden's take: "I thought that was OK. I wasn't the biggest fan of how she pulled that one off. I thought she could have had a little more fun with it. It laid really flat to me. A dress like that has the opportunity to go whatever way it needs to go, but flat is not the way it should go."

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Chrisette Michele
Profession: Singer
Age: 31
How she wore it: At the Essence Black Women in Music event in January, she paired it with leopard flats.
Bolden's take: "Not really my point of view — totally wouldn't have done it that way — but it makes total sense for a girl to do that. She went completely all the way. She committed to who she was. She paired a print with a print and it showed edge. It showed a little sex appeal and she made something sweet edgy."

Maisie Williams
Profession: "Game of Thrones" actress
Age: 16
How she wore it: The full smooch! She paired it with a kiss purse, too, at a Golden Globes party in January.
Bolden's take: "She brought it to a space that made sense for her age bracket, and she did not stop having fun when it came down the handbag. The best description is sweet. It was the closest thing you're going to get to a doll."

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Nina Simone Smith
Profession: None yet — she's the youngest daughter of LL Cool J
Age: About 14
How she wore it: Pretty adorably as she stood alongside her dad and mom at the Grammys in January.
Bolden's take: "That was sweet. I love how she made it her own. When you look at a girl that age, you get it: This is how I want my daughter to look if she had something to go to where it's not too mature and at the same time you see your daughter in it. It had personality. That's the great thing about this dress — it shows personality. It shows that you like to have fun and that you're not afraid to take risks."

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