Celebrity Couples Who’ve Lasted Longer Than Expected

Rachel Hoffman
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Celebrity Couples Who’ve Lasted Longer Than Expected

It's no secret that it's hard to have a healthy relationship in Hollywood, but some couples have lasted longer than we expected!

Ashton Kutcher's and Mila Kunis's characters on "That '70s Show" may have dated, but they didn't spark a real-life romance until now. Following Ashton's highly publicized divorce from Demi Moore and Mila's split from longtime beau Macaulay Culkin, the timing finally seems to be just right for this adorable duo. Since getting together in April 2012, they have been spotted together all over the globe, and their busy shooting schedules don't seem to be getting in the way of their lasting love.

Given Tiger Woods's rocky — and very public — relationship past, the Internet was buzzing when he officially announced via Facebook in March that he's dating Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn. The super athletic pair even made their red carpet debut at the Met Gala earlier this month. So what's in store for summer? We're guessing that Lindsey will be a staple on the sidelines, cheering on her man on the golf course.

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