Celebrities With Tattoos of Other Celebs

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Photos of Ryan Cabrera's newest tattoo circulated Monday, showing the singer chose to ink a photo of another famous Ryan -- Ryan Gosling -- on his right leg. The tattoo made headlines for being a surprising pick, but Cabrera isn't the only celebrity that has chosen to ink another star's face on his body.

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David Beckham's many inked designs include one of his wife, Victoria, on his left arm. The tattoo depicts Posh Spice in lingerie along with the words "forever by your side." Another example of a husband demonstrating his eternal love is Dean McDermott, who chose to get his wife Tori Spelling's portrait tattooed on his left tricep.

In perhaps one of the weirder body art homages, Steve-O has copied two of Angelina Jolie's iconic tattoos. The "Jackass" star has "Billy Bob" tattooed on his left bicep, and while Jolie eventually got her version of the ink removed, Steve-O still has his prominently on display. He also has the Khmer script Angelina had done in honor of her son Maddox on his back, right above the tattoo he has of his own face.

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And in an example of a star inking another star on their body and then later having regrets is Megan Fox, who recently spoke out to Esquire magazine about her decision to have her Marilyn Monroe tattoo removed. "I started reading about her and realized that her life was incredibly difficult," she explained. "It's like when you visualize something for your future. I didn't want to visualize something so negative."

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