Carrie Underwood Takes a Nasty Tumble On Stage

Hallie Stephens
Carrie Underwood Takes a Nasty Tumble On Stage

Nothing can keep Carrie Underwood down for long — not even taking a tumble during concert. The “Blown Away” singer was performing in South Texas on Thursday night when the heel of her five-inch stiletto caught on the back of her super long shirt, causing her to trip and fall.

But the 30-year-old bombshell proved she’s country strong and kept on singing, even as she took a minute to collect herself on the ground. What a professional!

And as if that weren’t enough to make us love her, Underwood even found humor in her unfortunate misstep and poked fun at her onstage spill tweeting, "Hey, remember that time in Corpus Christi when that girl busted her butt on stage?! Hilarious! Oh wait, that was me! #fiveinchheels #klutz."

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