Carmen Electra Poses With Police Motorcycle After Getting Pulled Over

Kathleen Perricone
omg! Celeb News

Leave it to Carmen Electra to turn getting pulled over into a sexy photo shoot.

On Friday morning, after taping "Access Hollywood," the former "Baywatch" star tweeted that she "got pulled over for slightly speeding and this happened …" along with a black-and-white photo of her posing next to a LAPD motorcycle.

Did she really get a ticket? It's unclear. omg! spoke with police departments in Los Angeles and West Hollywood and neither had any information on whether or not the 40-year-old was cited.

Strangely (or not), behind Electra in the photo appears to be a police station … so did she get pulled over directly in front of a police station or did she just see  a photo op? (Her rep did not immediately have the answer for omg! when asked for clarification.)

And although it seems a little questionable that Electra would be allowed by the officer to pose in front of his vehicle, another officer tells omg! that they have "no control" over someone who chooses to take a photo.

Of course, it probably helped that it was sexy Carmen Electra.

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