Would You Take Candy From Leonardo DiCaprio?

Matt Donnelly
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Johnny Depp may be the reigning Willy Wonka, but that's not stopping another leading man from wanting to share something sweet.

Leonardo DiCaprio is teaming up with some famous pals to promote natural treats in time for Easter, via Unreal Candy.

DiCaprio, with Tom Brady, Giselle Bundchen and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, has joined forces with the brand that offers "junk-free, all real versions" of holiday staples like candy-coated chocolates and peanut butter cups.

"By working together to better understand the health of both people and the environment, we can produce healthier food that will benefit large populations of people while minimizing our impact on the planet,” DiCaprio said in a statement.

The company also supports small businesses by sourcing its ingredients from local farmers, and boasts a 16-year-old co-founder in Nicky Bronner. (We're thinking a teenager probably knows candy pretty well.)

The launch also features a campaign that has the Easter bunny traveling the country, apologizing for pushing all those artificial goods.

This isn't DiCaprio's first foray in the charity food business. He's previously collaborated with high-end coffee maker La Colombe on a range of beans that benefitted his own foundation's efforts for green causes.

We'll egg hunt with you any time, Leo.

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