Busy Philipps on Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day … While Pregnant

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Full disclosure: When we were approached by a rep for Bacardi about interviewing brand ambassador Busy Philipps about her St. Patrick's Day plans, we thought it was a little odd. After all, the "Cougar Town" star is six months pregnant with her second child.

Still, any opportunity to talk to Philipps is one that shouldn't be passed up – we've already declared our love for her, after all. And, as it turns out, she has big plans for the holiday that don't involve green beer (or much of it, anyway). In fact, it's more of a family tradition for her.

"Growing up, we always celebrated St. Patrick's Day in the house," she told omg!. "My parents would make the traditional boiled corned beef and cabbage and potatoes. My husband is a little bit more of a gourmand, so he researches different recipes and does kind of a fancier take on corned beef and cabbage and carrots and potatoes, which I appreciate, because I kind of think there's nothing better than it … So, Sunday, we'll have to contend with the L.A. Marathon but I think in the afternoon we're going to have some friends over and do the traditional Irish dinner, which will be fun."

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While she'll be drinking sparkling water with green food coloring for this year's hearty meal, she admitted she's missed having a drink here and there during her pregnancy.

"My first pregnancy, the idea of drinking didn't sound good to me … Weirdly, this pregnancy, it has crossed my mind a few times," she confessed. "Now, obviously, I'm a very responsible mom and I'm not drinking. I know some people say in your third trimester you can have some wine. That feels weird to me so I don't even do that but, weirdly, in this pregnancy, I have felt a little left out. I want to have a drink with my friends and family.

"But that's ok," she added. "It's a relatively short amount of time."

If she were to imbibe this year, she'd be dropping a little green food coloring in some of her guests' beer, but she'd be passing on it herself. Instead, she'd add some fresh mint to a Bacardi Classic Cocktails Light Mojito, which she represents.

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Regardless of whether she's drinking or not, don't expect to read embarrassing stories on Philipps' popular Twitter feed – she always has her family in mind.

"You want to be open, but you don't need to share everything," she said of why she thinks her followers are so engaged. "I try to be really respectful of the fact that the Internet is sort of a permanent thing and that, when they're 16 years old, their friends will be able to Google it … That being said, I think it's just important to stay true to your own voice. I genuinely try to send out my tweets in the way that I think and the way that I talk so it really sounds like it's coming from me because it is. I don't work too hard on trying to think of jokes because my goal on Twitter is not to get a book deal.

"I enjoy it for the connections that it affords me with friends and fans and how it has sort of shrunk the world, but I don't sit at home and think of drafts of jokes to entertain people."

Well, even if she can't, we'll drink to that.

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