Brooke Burke’s Tips for Healthy Summer Living

Taryn Ryder
omg! Celeb News

Brooke Burke-Charvet, who just joined forces with the Smartfood brand, wants to share her tips about living well with omg! readers.

As a mother of four and figure in the public eye, she certainly knows a little something about the pressure that's put on women to quickly lose weight after giving birth (hence why celebs like Kim Kardashian or Jessica Simpson go into hiding).

So does she have any tips for losing baby weight in a quick, healthy way?

"Belly binding," Burke-Charvet reveals. "I wore TAUTS, the post-pregnancy belly wrap for 40 days and nights. Using that age old secret helped me get back in shape faster and easier with my third and fourth babies than I did in my twenties with my first two daughters."

Continues the "Dancing With the Stars" host: "Belly wrapping works. It helps support the annoying baggy belly skin and helps to shrink the uterus quickly. Tauts also helps remind you to engage your core, to retain your abs."

For those of you who don't need to shed post-pregnancy pounds, but want to get bikini ready this summer, Burke-Charvet has diet tips, too.

"[My] summer recipes tend to be a bit cooler, crisper, and lighter. I have great healthy BBQ recipes on and many of my favorite crunchy, colorful salads," she shares. "I also believe in smart snacking and I love ready-to-eat snacks that I can serve my family any time. One of my go-to snacks is Smartfood. They have a great line of popcorn, puffed corn, and popped chips — some offer sources of whole grain and others fiber. There is really something for everybody, and the flavors are delicious. The Feta Herb Hummus popped chips are my favorite."

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