Britney Spears Sends Message of ‘Love’ After Breakup

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Just three days after she released a statement announcing she and her fiancé of a year, agent Jason Trawick, had split, Britney Spears was spotted picking up some coffee in Calabasas, California, with a message for the world: She still believes in love.

The 31-year-old proudly donned a hoodie with the word “love” emblazoned across the front in capital letters and the phrase “I am love” on the back as she walked down the street in holding two iced coffees.

Trawick was more than just Britney’s romantic interest, he was also her former manager, and in recent years had become the pop star’s co-conservator along with Spears’ father, Jamie. Apparently, it had become too much. According to a source close to Trawick who spoke to omg!, the 41-year-old, who began dating Spears in 2009 had become “resentful toward Britney because he gave up his career … to be everything to Britney.”

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TMZ, however, is also reporting that the fact Spears wanted more children (she already has two sons with ex-husband Kevin Federline) and Trawick didn’t also added to their troubles.

If Brit doesn’t speak out on the topic, we may never know, as Trawick reportedly signed a confidentiality agreement.

Maybe he’ll send us a message via sweatshirt instead …

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