Britney Spears Chats Vegas Residency, Yoga, New Single, and New Album

Jeremy Blacklow
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Although rumors of her Las Vegas residency have been stalled since they first surfaced at the beginning of the year, Britney Spears has not been idle.

The former "X Factor" judge showed up on KIIS-FM's "On Air With Ryan Seacrest" Monday morning to chat with Ryan and co-host Ellen K about Vegas, how she's whipped her body into such great shape, and her upcoming album. All of this comes in conjunction with the release of her new single, "Ooh La La," for the "Smurfs 2" soundtrack.

When it came to Spears setting up shop in Sin City, Seacrest cut right to the chase.

"There are all of these rumors and a lot of fans talking about this Vegas stint that you may have … is there any truth that you could end up there for a long run — for a year or two — doing a show?" he asked.

"It's quite possible, yeah," the pop princess replied.

"It's possible. So, rumors but nothing confirmed yet?" Seacrest followed up.

"Yeah, nothing confirmed yet," she said.

When Ellen K pressed on and noted that rumor has it that Brit has been in the dance studio and fitness studio every day getting in shape for a possible Vegas show, the 31-year-old pop star insisted, "I'm not getting ready for that. I kind of just do that for myself. I would do that even if I weren't doing a Vegas show!"

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Because in case you didn't know, Spears is looking good. She flaunted her fab physique on the cover of Shape magazine's June issue, and wowed over Memorial Day weekend when she was photographed in a blue bikini while in Palos Verdes, California, with her rumored new boyfriend David Lucado. So, what's the secret to her body transformation? Yoga!

"I love my yoga!" she explained. "I'm doing a lot of yoga right now. It's like my go-to between all anxiety and everything."

But yoga wasn't always her cup of tea.

"The first time I did yoga I didn't like it at all," Spears said. "I think the key is finding a good teacher, someone you kind of connect with and if you do find that person then it doesn't feel like you're bored or impatient because I've been in tons of classes where I'm so over it and I can't deal and want it to end, but I think if you find the right instructor, it does wonders for your body."

When it comes to her new single, Spears says she did "Ooh La La" because her boys loved the first Smurfs movie so much. She even promised Sean Preston, 7, and Jayden James, 6, that they could be in the music video.

"They were actually really, really good onset. They were, like, acting and my oldest son Preston was right on cue every time they would tell him to do something," Spears elaborated. "They play themselves … [but when] we did the actual shoot of the video I didn't see [them]. I was in hair and makeup, so later on I got to see what they actually did on camera and it was adorable."

Spears also shared details about her upcoming eighth studio album, which she had confirmed on Twitter in late 2012. The album news came just a couple of weeks before big January announcements from Spears that she would not be returning to "X Factor" and that she had split from fiancé Jason Trawick, leading some to wonder whether or not she might spiral into another mental breakdown.

The "Toxic" singer promised Seacrest and Ellen K that the new album was on track, and that it would be out before the end of the year, telling the hosts it was, "definitely at the beginning stages right now … but I want to definitely take this album and have a new approach with it and make it a little different than anything I've ever done." is producing the new album, but Spears is also about to be joined by the producer responsible for Madonna's iconic 1998 "Ray of Light" album. "William Orbit is coming in to town next week for me to work with," Spears shared. "I've never worked with him before so I'm really, really excited … I think the kids will appreciate it, but I think this music will have more of a cool approach to it."

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