The Braxtons Sing ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ Hymnal for Boston

Jeremy Blacklow
omg! Celeb News

In the wake of the country's mourning following the tragic explosions at the Boston Marathon on Monday, many have reached out with their messages of love and support.

The Braxton family stopped by "omg! Insider" on Tuesday, and shared their own version of hope, a beautifully sung hymnal version of "The Lord's Prayer."

From left to right, mom Evelyn, and daughters Traci, Toni, Tamar, and Towanda Braxton (sister Trina couldn't make it), are in perfect tune with their inspiring song.

"For all those in Boston, we're with you always," said Toni.

Tune into "omg! Insider" on Tuesday night for more with the Braxtons.

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