Can Jennifer Aniston Pull Off a Secret Wedding? Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ Wedding Planner’s How-to Advice

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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s big day is imminent, but other than some small details (it will take place "soon"; it won't happen in Hawaii) it's one of the biggest secrets in Hollywood. And if the "Wanderlust" actress plays her cards right, it could remain one until she's officially Mrs. Theroux.

Wedding planner extraordinaire Tara Guérard, who helped Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds pull off their super-secret dream wedding last year, tells omg! that despite Aniston's level of fame, the star could still keep her nuptials under the radar if she has the right team in place to help her do so.

"I don't see why not," says the owner of Tara Guérard Soirée, a full-service planning and design company with locations in both Charleston, South Carolina, and New York. "If you hire good people who you trust to help you, I think anything is possible."

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When Guérard helped Lively and Reynolds pull off their gorgeous, sweets-centric wedding in picturesque Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, in September, she made sure to give the couple VIP treatment (but insists it’s the same care she gives all of her clients).

"For us, the most important thing is to plan it as if it were any other event," Guérard says. "We are known for doing weddings all over the country and we have a reputation of being good planners, so no one ever suspected anything different. It's not that hard of a thing to do as long as you have good staff – and only the people within my small office knew. You pull it off as if it's a normal event."

Normal ... with a few exceptions.

"We used different names" for the famous bride and groom, Guérard reveals. In fact, she still refers to Lively by her fake name. “It was so embedded in my head," she laughs.

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And there was a security team to keep out any potential prying eyes.

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"A few things – like having security – have to be a little more important in the planning aspect, but other than that there shouldn't be anything different," she says. "If you start throwing out non-disclosures, everyone is going to be suspectful of something."

One move Aniston could copy from Lively and Reynolds: making her marriage official after the wedding takes place. The “Green Lantern” co-stars actually waited for four days after their lavish wedding before applying for a marriage license, so as not to tip off the media in advance. Then they said “I do” privately in a second ceremony a day later.

"Jennifer can't really go out and get a license at the courthouse in the middle of Los Angeles or New York because then everyone would know [her wedding date],” Guérard explains. “It will be public knowledge if she obtained a license. So that is probably something that I would suggest for her – not do that until after the fact.”

Of course, when Lively and Reynolds tied the knot, they did so in South Carolina, which isn't exactly paparazzi central. So if Aniston also has a destination wedding, which has been widely rumored since she became engaged last summer, she could stand a better chance at keeping it under wraps.

"If you're not going to get married in L.A. or New York, anywhere is going to be easier to help pull it off if she wants it to be secret," Guérard laughs.

But the whole thing doesn’t actually need to be a secret, per se – it just needs to allow Aniston enough privacy to celebrate the milestone without the prying eyes of the public.

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"It really doesn't have to be an actual 'secret,'" notes Guérard. “Someone like Jennifer Aniston is probably just interested in having something that is private. She is probably thinking if she is getting married, she would like to have a normal wedding and reception with family and friends – like any other bride in the world – and not something that's chaotic. She doesn't want it to become a complete zoo."

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