Beyonce Releases Super Bowl Halftime Show Rehearsal Footage!

Breanne L. Heldman
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The Super Bowl is upon us people, and Beyonce wants to make sure we’re good and ready.

The lady of the hour has been teasing us with tons of photos of rehearsals for the halftime show on her Tumblr, but now that we’re getting closer to Sunday’s big game, Sasha Fierce is upping the ante by releasing some sweet footage.

The 42-second clip begins and ends with a black-and-white shot of Beyonce on her laptop on the steps of an empty stadium, but once “Countdown to Touchdown” appears on the screen and the music kicks in – her own “Countdown (Killing Me Softly),” natch – the dancing swings into serious action. Hair swings in slow motion, high heels shuffle in ways that hurt just to watch, and sweat is dripping.

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If you thought the show would have a little less dancing to make sure people knew Beyonce was singing after the controversy surrounding her performance at President Obama’s inauguration, you’ve got another thing coming. If this video is any indication, the show will be nothing short of non-stop shakin’ it.

The footage also proves that putting together a Super Bowl halftime show is hard work, but Blue Ivy’s mom makes it look like a great time.

Beyonce will be giving a press conference on Thursday regarding preparations for her performance at the big game. Check back here for all the details.

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