Beyonce Delivers Super Bowl Halftime Performance for the Ages

Jeremy Blacklow
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As hard as America tried to tear her down in the aftermath of her singing the National Anthem along to a pre-recorded track at the Presidential Inauguration, Beyonce proved during her halftime performance at Super Bowl XLVII that she is a performer who knows how to deliver the goods

In a dramatic pyrotechnic-filled entrance, flanked by two giant silhouettes of the singer’s face visible from above, Queen Bey took to the stage by rising out of the center of the field, choosing a verse from “Love On Top” to begin her set, before launching into her solo debut single “Crazy In Love.” Dressed in all black with a phalanx of female backup dancers and her all-female backing band, she danced and pulled yoga moves that would make Madonna jealous.

And make no mistake, she was singing live. Nothing about this performance was lip-synched. She made sure of that by interacting with the audience.

Song number two was “End of Time,” from her most recent album, 4. Set to a military step with a strong horn section, Beyonce rallied the crowd by getting everyone to clap their hands above their heads. The tune was a surprising choice since it never was a huge single for the singer, but not a total surprise to viewers as she had released rehearsal footage to the track on Friday.

Heading back to her debut solo album for material, next up was “Baby Boy,” the second single she ever released. Set to the backdrop of a black-and-white LED light screen, the reggaeton-filled track hyped up the energy to the next level.

Then came the Destiny’s Child reunion that everyone was waiting for. Fan favorite “Bootylicious” was playing as Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams popped out of the floor. The trio then launched into “Independent Women, Part 1” (from the “Charlie’s Angels” soundtrack), to the roar of the crowd.

With Rowland and Williams still on stage, the most famous dance for all the “Single Ladies” of the world began. At the end of the song, Beyonce took center stage solo, dramatically pointing to her ring finger.

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And for the grand finale – it came in the form of the ballad “Halo,” from her third album, I Am Sasha Fierce.

"Thank you for this moment," she said while taking a bow.

So what will Beyonce do next after nailing the iconic gig? She goes back to Blue Ivy duty.

"I keep saying, 'Sunday at nine o'clock. Mommy will be done Sunday at nine o'clock,'" Bey revealed of the promise she made to her daughter after several months of intense preparation.

Any questions?

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