Beyoncé Launches Beyhive Blog: How Is It Like Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop?

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Battle of the blogs!

Beyoncé has launched The Beyhive, a collection of her favorite things – clothes, music, art – a la her best friend Gwyneth Paltrow’s, except the singer has much more affordable taste … or she simply realizes that her fans don’t have her same millions.

“The Beyhive Blog is my way of showing all the inspiring things I come across every single day,” Beyonce writes on the site, which debuted on Tuesday morning, the same day it was reported that she lip-synched “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the Inauguration. “This is through my eyes. I'm also featuring beautiful creations from my talented fans. So many of you are making videos, painting - I want to show the world what you do and how much I appreciate you. This is just the beginning, there is so much out there to dig into. Stay tuned, -Beyoncé.”

Her first collection is a smattering of fashion and culture, some of which has a Paltrow influence. Beyonce’s pick for film: “Argo,” which was directed by her pal Paltrow’s former longtime boyfriend, Ben Affleck. Amongst Bey’s selections for her favorite music of the moment: The Pierces’ 2011 album, You & I, which was produced by Gary Berryman, who plays bass for Coldplay … which happens to the band Paltrow’s husband, Chris Martin, is in. Coincidence? We think not!

There are a few non-Paltrow-centric picks, like artists Oliver Clegg and Vito Acconci, a passage from author Rebecca Solnit’s Field Guide to Getting Lost about the color blue (an obvious nod to Bey’s 1-year-old daughter), and $235 giraffe Jaipur weave shoes.

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While $235 for a pair of simple shoes may seem like quite a pretty penny, when compared to the uber-luxe items Paltrow peddles on Goop, it’s not so bad. The “Contagion” actress has elicited many an eye roll over the years with her must-haves that the average person could never afford, most recently $290 for a sweatshirt and sweat pants she describes as “great for lazy days.” Before that, in July, Paltrow was trying to convince people to spend $90 for a basic white T-shirt. As crazy as that seems, people bought it! The item is currently out of stock on her site.

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After getting hit with mega backlash against goop – and mostly the way Paltrow condescendingly tells readers they need items they likely can’t afford –the 40-year-old defended her site, telling People, “I felt like I had a lot of really useful information that I was privileged enough to get, because I have this amazing, super, fortunate life."

But unlike Paltrow’s items on goop, Beyonce isn’t hawking her favorite things. She’s simply stating these are her must-haves at the moment and linking to her favorite artists’ sites or, in the case of the giraffe shoes, where to buy them … if we want.

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