Ashton Kutcher Parties With ‘Jobs’ Cast While Mila Kunis Turns 30

Taryn Ryder
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We can't speak about a cake status, but we know Mila Kunis isn't celebrating her birthday on a red carpet.

Ashton Kutcher stepped out solo for the Los Angeles premiere of "Jobs" on Tuesday night. The 35-year-old actor has been dating his former "That '70s Show" co-star for more than a year, although Kunis — who turns 30 today — was nowhere to be found. Following the screening, Kutcher celebrated with the cast and crew at the official after-party sponsored by American Harvest at WP24 by Wolfgang Puck in downtown L.A.

So why weren't the lovebirds together when the clock struck midnight?

Mila has been busy shooting "Jupiter Ascending" in Chicago alongside Channing Tatum (where Ashton has visited her multiple times). Filming is scheduled to continue all week, so it's likely Mila will be celebrating part of her birthday on set.

Guess stars really are just like us (well, sometimes) … even work gets in the way of what they may want.

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While Kunis might not have been able to make Kutcher's premiere, the actress was definitely there in spirit.

After a somewhat awkward speech at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, Ashton thanked those closest to him during a heartfelt introduction before the special screening.

"Every once in a while you find courage to actually take on something that terrifies you," he told the crowd about playing Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs. "Courage isn't something anybody has, it's something that they find. They find it in the friends and loved ones they have in their life that they know will be there even if they fail."

Continued Kutcher: "I was just lucky enough when this film came along, that I had enough friends and loved ones in my life that I was able to find some courage to take on something that terrified me."

"Jobs" hits theaters this Friday, August 16.

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