‘America’s Next Top Model’ Alum’s Startling Appearance in Court

Elizabeth Durand
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Remember back when Britney Spears shaved her head? So do we — but now the pop star isn't alone in showing up to court with a startling new look.

Former "America's Next Top Model" contestant Renee Alway shaved all of her hair before facing the judge in her burglary case (which involved a dramatic, six-hour armed standoff with cops) on Thursday.

Though Alway said nothing as she stood before the judge in handcuffs, her sister later told TMZ that the new 'do (or lack thereof) is meant to symbolize a new beginning for the troubled star. Renee wants "to start over," she explained. Apparently losing her locks is the first step.

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We have to say, however, we're hopeful, if a wee bit skeptical about this claim. Back when Brit did it, there was speculation that she shaved her head so her hair couldn't be used for drug testing. In fact, her former manager/ friend, Sam Lufti, testified under oath that Spears shaved her head because she feared her strands would test positive for drugs.

While Britney's motive was never definitively proven one way or the other, losing hair that might provide hard evidence of substance abuse seems to be a relatively common practice. And Alway, who has been arrested a whopping four times this year (and it's only July, people), seems like she might be struggling with some pretty serious addiction issues.

We do have to admit, however, that even without her auburn locks, the former model looked a whole lot better than in her latest mug shot, which, we do realize, isn't saying much. Still, maybe she really is on her way to cleaning up her act. Though if she thinks a buzz-cut will be enough to do it, she's got a long road ahead.

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