Is Amanda Bynes Trying to Turn Herself Into Barbie?

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Amanda Bynes is a living doll.

The "retired" actress tweeted a new photo of herself on Sunday … and her new look is, well, interesting. Not only is she wearing a long dirty-blond wig, but the 26-year-old also is also super tan and wearing a ton of eye makeup and pink-frosted lips.

"Wink ;)," she wrote as the caption.

While Bynes seems to think she looks cute, some of her followers don't exactly agree. "Praying for you," wrote one. "You seem well," joked comedian Jake Fogelnest.

So what's up with Bynes' makeover? She seems to be hung up on Barbie, so perhaps she just wants to resemble her idol? Two of the last photos she posted on Instagram are of the iconic doll. One shot is a closeup of Barbie's face, with a smiley face emoticon as the caption, while the other is the plastic doll both with and without makeup.

Over the past few months, since she moved to New York City from Los Angeles, Bynes has been sporadically tweeting photos of her face that are partially obscured, but still show her in garish makeup and a variety of wigs.

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She's also been posting random thoughts, like "I don't care who kissed you first as long as I kiss you last" and "Forgetting past memories." On February 25, she tweeted that she got a new puppy named Jasmine and "I can't wait to show pix!" … although she never did.

What do you think of Bynes' new look?

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