Alyssa Milano Opens Up About Surviving Childhood Stardom

Hallie Stephens
omg! Celeb News

Alyssa Milano's showing everyone that she's the boss these days, gracing the cover of the July/August issue of Maxim and looking every bit the grown-up Hollywood TV star. But inside the mag, the former child star is talking about growing up in the spotlight while filming the '80s sitcom, "Who's the Boss?"

The show launched her career at the ripe young age of 10, causing her to cope with early fame and those awkward teenage years in front of the camera, which could have been a disaster. But the 40-year-old tells the mag, "It wasn't weird, because I didn't know any different. You know, I went through puberty like everyone else; it only got embarrassing when the show would take what was going on with me and write it into the show, like 'Samantha's First Bra.' It was like, OK, guys, do we really need to do this?" She continued, "But what an awesome time stamp!"

So while Alyssa hasn't had trouble transitioning to adult stardom, she's admitting that her fellow '80s child stars weren't so lucky. And the "Mistresses" actress reveals how she survived early fame, saying, "I have a great family, and I look at a lot of these kids who struggle in the industry and think they'd have struggled no matter what they did."

Check out the vid to hear what else Alyssa had to say about growing up in front of the camera!

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