Alyssa Milano Brings You Up To Speed on Syria … With a Sex Tape?

Joal Ryan

President Obama has weighed in on Syria, and now Alyssa Milano has, too.

The star of the ABC summer series "Mistresses" helps explain the roots of the international hot topic in her new Funny or Die video, "Alyssa Milano Sex Tape." The title and the video's initial suggestive moments lure the viewers in but then in perhaps the cruelest bait and switch in Internet history, hits pruriently motivated visitors with a current affairs lesson.

Posted Wednesday, the clip details the sectarian violence that has ripped apart the Middle East country, notes the chemical weapon attack allegedly launched by President Bashar al-Assad's government forces against Sunni rebels, and outlines Obama's stated intention to punish the al-Assad regime with a targeted attack.

It all goes down at the 52-second mark. Just keep your eyes on the TV anchor on the left of the screen.

As the clip went viral, Milano, 40, seemed to determine to downplay her role as educator.

"My sex tape was leaked," she tweeted Wednesday. "Not sure what to say."

So, she posted a link to the spoof instead.

Milano is a prominent figure on the international scene, having served as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. On Wednesday, the former "Who's the Boss?" star appeared on "Fox & Friends" to promote her upcoming graphic novel, "Hactivist," which was inspired, she said, by the work of the hacking group Anonymous.

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