Alec Baldwin: My Tombstone Will Read ‘He Tweeted Too Much’

Lauren Schutte
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When Alec Baldwin is laid to rest, the actor has an idea what his tombstone might read: "Here Lies Alec Baldwin. #Dead."

The 55-year-old actor stopped by Howard Stern's radio show Tuesday and discussed everything from his love-hate relationship with acting to his offer to take a 20% pay cut to keep "30 Rock" on the air a few more season.

But, there was one topic the candid interview seemed to touch on again and again: Baldwin and his seemingly troublesome relationship with Twitter.

"I'm off, but every now and then, if I can't help myself, I retweet something," Baldwin admitted of his decision to stop personally tweeting after a slew of scandals. "I don't write anything, I retweet something that I think is really, really important," he said, citing his activist work on issues like fracking and gun control.

When Stern goaded his guest, saying Baldwin "just can't stay away" from the social networking site because he "loves mixing it up," the actor explained his hesitancy to deactivate the account altogether stems from a fear of losing his account name.

"The issue is, if you abandon the account you have, Twitter doesn't allow you to lock up that account. Someone else will take your name. So you have to keep the account active to prevent somebody else from taking your name."

After the shock jock questioned the validity of his claim, Baldwin quipped: "I've spoken to like, ‘Bob Twitter,’ the guy that owns Twitter. His name is actually Bob Twitterberg and I called Bob Twitterberg and I said, 'Can I hold on to this account?' They said no."

Though the pair moved on to other topics, later in the interview, Stern came back to Baldwin's online persona. The actor recently went on a Twitter tirade against George Stark, a Daily Mail reporter who claimed Baldwin's wife, Hilaria, was using her phone during James Gandolfini's funeral. Baldwin called the writer a "toxic little queen," and threatened to "put my foot up your f—king ass," before enacting his current "retweet only" policy. "When you say something and you offend somebody, you have to apologize," he said.

After Stern noted that Twitter seemed to be the root of all of Baldwin's problems, the star joked, "That really is what should be on my tombstone: ‘He tweeted too much.'"

Stern added, "#asshole."

But Baldwin had a better idea: "'Here Lies Alec Baldwin. #dead.'"

What do you think? Is Twitter the cause of the Baldwin's problems? Should he quit for good? Tell us in the comments!

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