Alec Baldwin Takes the Stand in Court Against His Alleged Stalker

Jeremy Blacklow

Alec Baldwin took the stand on Tuesday morning in a Manhattan courtroom to testify against the woman that he has named as a stalker.

The woman is Canadian former actress Genevieve Sabourin, and she claims that although she and Baldwin had a torrid love affair in 2010, she is not a stalker. She is charged with two dozen counts of stalking the "Blue Jasmine" star and his wife, Hilaria Baldwin.

Baldwin and Sabourin reportedly met in 2002 on the set of "The Adventures of Pluto Nash," the Eddie Murphy movie flop in which he had a cameo and she was a publicist.

Alec testified that he had neither a sexual nor romantic relationship with Sabourin, but that he did once have dinner with her. He claims that she has since bombarded him with texts, messages, and emails, including saying that she wanted to "conceive a mini Baldwin" and "I want to be your wife." She reportedly erupted at him in court Tuesday shouting, "You're lying" and "He's got a lying disease." "I haven't done anything wrong," she insisted to "omg! Insider" outside of court on Tuesday.

"It was nightmarish," Baldwin explained in court. "No matter what was said to her, she kept coming. More emails, more phone calls, she was desperate."

Hilaria also took the stand on Tuesday. She was with her husband in 2012 and described what it was like when he called the cops on Sabourin after she showed up at their Manhattan apartment. Before her appearance in court, Hilaria posted this Instagram pic of what appears to be her hand holding the hand of her daughter with Alec, Carmen Gabriela, with caption simply reading, "Safe":

The case adjourned after Alec and Hilaria's testimony Tuesday. Sabourin is scheduled to take the stand on Wednesday morning.