Alec Baldwin’s Alleged Stalker Given Jail Sentence for Contempt of Court

Jeremy Blacklow
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Things are heating up in the Manhattan court case accusing Genevieve Sabourin of stalking Alec Baldwin.

The Canadian former actress and publicist received 30 days in jail on Wednesday morning for contempt of court due to her outbursts in the courtroom during the trial, which included her yelling: "You're lying" and "He's got a lying disease." She reportedly berated her own defense attorney for not asking Alec about a scar in a private place on his body that she claims she knew details of, during his cross-examination on Tuesday.

"I can't hear the attorneys. I can't hear anyone speaking. I have warned you repeatedly. You have made it impossible for the court to proceed and for the proceedings to occur appropriately," Judge Robert Mandelbaum said Wednesday, according to the New York Post. The judge reportedly warned Sabourin, 41, that she would be held in contempt and jailed before following through on his threat and issuing his order.

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According to the Post, Sabourin then began "sobbing uncontrollably" before going on a rant about she has "no family and no friends," and how her life is shattered and she's homeless and broke. She had not yet testified at the time of her sentencing and the trial is expected to continue in her absence.

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On Tuesday, both Alec, 55, and his wife Hilaria Baldwin, 29, testified. Alec claimed that he never had a romantic relationship with Sabourin as she claims they did), although he did admit to having dinner with her one time. The two originally met in 2000 on the set of the movie "The Adventures of Pluto Nash," for which Sabourin was working on publicity.

According to the New York Times, Baldwin wiped a tear from his eye during his time on the stand Tuesday, while recalling how Sabourin ruined the afternoon that he proposed to Hilaria by showing up unannounced at his East Hampton mansion in March 2012. "I ran to tell my wife not to go near the door, because I wasn't sure if she had a gun or a weapon," he testified. Sabourin was arrested a month later outside of Alec's East 10th Street home in NYC on April 2012.

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According to TMZ, on Wednesday Baldwin's attorney submitted a series of wild emails allegedly from Sabourin to Baldwin, in which he claims she threatened the "30 Rock" actor. In one email she reportedly wrote, "You when [sic] on and on, on a massive destructive war with Kim [Basinger, Baldwin's ex-wife] .. and it will never end between you 2. Do you wishes [sic] to establish the same type of relationship with me?" In another she submits a list of demands to him, including "a new house in NY and MTL," "a new wardrobe, car and jewels ... all of what I need to fonction [sic]," and "care for my mother (so I could have peace of mind)." In yet another email, she reportedly threatened to take yoga classes with Hilaria in order to get close to Alec.

Also on Wednesday, the judge ruled that Sabourin's defense attorney, Todd Spodek, was allowed to call on Hollywood producer Martin Bregmen as a key witness for the defense. Bregman, 87, claimed on Tuesday that Baldwin was lying when he said that Bregman (who produced "Scarface" and "Dog Day Afternoon") had an affair with Sabourin. Baldwin has said that he only dined with Sabourin as a favor to Bregman to give her career advice.

"Marty called me, told me he needed my help … [He] was ending his relationship with her," Baldwin said under oath on Tuesday. "He wanted to help get her a job. She wanted to be an actress."

On the contrary, Bregman claims that it was indeed true that Baldwin was having an affair with Sabourin. "He's lying," Bregman told the New York Daily News after the first day of the trial had wrapped. "He was screwing two women. One of them is his present wife and the other one, I presume, he was doing the girl in question."

On Wednesday, Bregman told "omg! Insider," "It's Alec's whole fabrication … if I was having a relationship with her I wouldn't have invited Alec along."

Baldwin has been forced to acknowledge that he did indeed have an ongoing email relationship with Sabourin throughout at least part of 2012. Spodek even cited one email in which Alec wrote to her encouraging her to be sure to have protected sex during a planned trip to Europe with another man.

Sabourin is being charged with nearly two dozen counts of harassment and stalking, both of which are misdemeanor charges. She faces a maximum of 90 days in prison, beyond her time assigned Wednesday for the contempt charges.