Adam Levine Continues Shirtless Tour for ’7 Hollywood’

Matt Donnelly
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While Maroon 5 launched a North American tour on Wednesday, front man Adam Levine is rolling along an all-too-familiar path: his shirtless photo shoot spree.

Known just as well for that tight torso as he is for a high falsetto and a judge's seat on "The Voice," Levine now graces one of several just-released "7 Hollywood" magazine covers.

Part of the mag's Icons list, Adam joins folks like Celine Dion, Sophia Loren, and male supermodel David Gandy as one of the chosen few. No interview is available, and a video of the shoot (below) simply features Levine in various states of undress.

No complaints here. The singer recently covered Men's Health magazine and bared his yoga body within those pages, to say nothing of last October's Out magazine shoot,when he extolled the use of underwear.

"I don’t want things flopping around. I don’t know if that’s the same for women, it’s a little simpler down there for you guys. I just need a buffer zone between my junk and the outside world," he said.

Happy touring, Adam.

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