Aaron Paul and 8 Celebrities Who Won Big By Helping Their Fans Get Engaged

Suzy Byrne

Hollywood stars are suckers for a good "happily ever after" ending.

"Breaking Bad" actor Aaron Paul, who himself is a newlywed, helped a Chicago couple get engaged on Sunday. His part in the very elaborate proposal was a relatively small one — though it meant a lot to bride-to-be, Jackie Prater, who is a superfan.

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Jason Lord was the one popping the question to his girlfriend of three years. They apparently had an inside joke about Mr. Big's "To Be With You" (one of their first dates involved drunken karaoke), so he put together a band and sang the song to his lady love.

But the musical performance was just one part of the fancypants proposal. Lord had won a personalized video from Paul through the actor's "Breaking Bad" finale charity event — and the taped message, which featured the actor, set up the groom's proposal. After Prater said yes, Paul appeared on screen again, cutely joking that he hoped she gave the right answer, then offered his well wishes, saying, "I couldn't be happier for you," and working in his signature "Yeah b---h" Jesse Pinkman line at the end.

Take a look:

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Paul isn't the only celebrity engagement enabler. The very same day, Justin Timberlake halted his "20/20 Experience World Tour" concert in Louisville, Kentucky, to help audience member Josh Clemons put a ring on girlfriend Kim Martin. Clemons, who later said Martin wanted to be "blown away with a proposal," had quietly reached out to JT's manager months before the show and they concocted a plan in which the couple was called on stage. After Clemons dropped to one knee — and Martin said yes — the singer gave them celebratory shots and, even better, backstage passes.

Wedding photobomber extraordinaire Zach Braff also helped a couple make it official. Matt Hulbert enlisted the actor after donating to his Kickstarter campaign. The charming Braff served as the emcee of Matt's adorable video proposal to "Scrubs" fan Janice, which also sweetly featured the couples family, friends, and pets. The actor even sang a little Beyoncé for the occasion.

Speaking of Bey … Back in 2009, when she was just a newlywed herself, she helped an audience member at a Ft. Lauderdale show do the deed after she finished her rendition of "Single Ladies." The gentleman she handed the mic to said to the audience, "Beyoncé said that if I like it I should put a ring on it. Well, I love it." He then dropped to a knee.

One of the top celeb-assisted proposals goes to the Brooklyn, New York, couple who had their engagement written into a script for "How I Met Your Mother." Timothy Russo and Jana Rugan were loyal fans of the show and he pulled strings to get them to appear as extras during a scene in which Robin (Cobie Smulders) found an engagement ring in a glass of champagne while having dinner with Ted (Josh Radnor). When Ted tells Robin he didn't get the ring, Russo stepped in and said it was his. At first, Rugan was embarrassed because she thought her boyfriend was messing up the scene, then it hit her — and she happily accepted his ring.

Mariah Carey helped a gay couple have "One Sweet Day." She called Canadian producer Maurie Sherman and his longtime BF Matthew Almeida to the stage at a Las Vegas show in 2009, where they became committed. Appropriately, Sherman presented his beau with a candy ring — similar to Nick Cannon's proposal to the singing superstar — and she then toasted the couple with a glass of champagne.

Finally, even Big Ang believes in love! The reality TV star is another one in a long list of celebs who helped facilitate a fan's proposal. A "Mob Wives" watcher wrote to her manager to see if she would help with his flash mob proposal to his boyfriend in New York's Central Park in November. Not only did she help, she surprised the pair with an engagement party after.

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