6 Must-See Hollywood State of the Union Address Memes

Suzy Byrne
Yahoo Celebrity
6 Must-See Hollywood State of the Union Address Memes

Washington, D.C., may have owned primetime on Tuesday night, but it doesn't mean Hollywood was completely shut out.

While President Obama delivered his State of the Union address — with "Duck Dynasty" stars Willie and Korie Robertson in attendance — some humorous memes popped up on social media infusing some pop culture into the standard political fare.

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Pharrell and his hat generated a lot of chatter on Twitter during Sunday's Grammys — it invited comparisons to The Man from "Curious George," Smokey the Bear, and the Arby's logo. Well, Tuesday, it landed on the president's head … naturally.

Daft Punk was there, too! Vice President Joe Biden and Speaker of the House John Boehner were replaced by images of the French electronic music duo.

Helmet change!

It wasn't all about music stars. "Mad Men" became part of America's official record when the show received a shout out in the president's speech. Faster than Betty Draper Frances can deliver a cutting remark to her teen daughter, it was quickly turned into a meme as well.

Biden was compared to Nicholson, The Joker style.

And Boehner? Well, he was not impressed.