5 Things to Know About LeBron James’s Bride Savannah Brinson


Miami Heat forward LeBron James is set to tie the knot with his high school sweetheart this weekend in an elaborate three-day ceremony in San Diego, California.

As "King James," 28, and Savannah Brinson, 27, prepare to make it official, here are the five big things you need to know about the NBA star's bride and the mother of his two sons, 8-year-old LeBron Jr. and Bryce, 6.

1. The Pick-Up Line: The pair had their first date at Outback Steakhouse after the basketballer spied Brinson, a younger student and cheerleader at a rival high school, at a football game in their mutual hometown of Akron, Ohio. The conversation was only "basic," Brinson revealed to Harper's Bazaar in 2010, but she added that her date still managed to make quite an impression. "I knew he loved me when I left my leftovers from dinner in his car," she said with a laugh. "I'd totally forgotten about them, and he brought them to me. I think he just wanted another excuse to come and see me."

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2. Not Easily Impressed: When Brinson met her man, she had no idea he'd end up being the NBA's Most Valuable Player four times … and counting. Brinson seemed to think that James, who landed on the cover of Sports Illustrated for the first of 20 times when he was just a high school junior, had already peaked way back when. "I just thought he'd be a hometown hero for his era and it would be over," she said. "He was a normal high school senior."

3. No Pushover for Miami: Initially, she wasn't happy about James's controversial decision to move from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat, but the warm weather has given her a change of heart. "Personally, Miami was not my favorite place. Vacationing there is great: You go for three days and get some sun, and it's time to go home," she told the magazine. "When they told me it doesn't get any colder than 50 degrees, that sold me. We get below-zero weather in Cleveland."

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4. Coming Into the Limelight: Brinson's always been most comfortable in the background, but recently she's stepped into the spotlight for a good cause. For years, she's quietly run the organization Girl Listen to help empower young women and has been instrumental in the charitable LeBron James Family Foundation. But in April, she held the first of what she plans to make an annual event called "Savannah's I Promise Makeover" in Miami and, a week later, in Akron. At each location, she organized a gathering where 50 at-risk high school senior girls received a prom dress, accessories, and gift bags. "I really care," she told USA Today. "It's really in my soul to help people, and this is the first baby to come from it. There comes a time when you have to give back."

5. Knows Her Shoes: Brinson may be on the shy side, but she's grown quite accustomed to posing on red carpets. Really. The stylish midwestern girl is obsessed with fashion, and has listed Phillip Lim, Alexander McQueen, and Alexander Wang among her favorite designers. She also has a soft spot for shoes by Miu Miu and Christian Louboutin. "I'm five foot seven and I have a tall guy," she said of her 6'8" groom. "So I like a good heel."

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