5 Things to Know About Kate Middleton on Her Birthday

Matt Donnelly
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On the occasion of her 31st birthday, the Duchess of Cambridge got a sweet and extremely thorough gift from one of her country’s top magazines.

The former Kate Middleton is the subject of British Vogue’s “Katepedia: A Study in Royal Style,” which meticulously chronicles the expecting duchess’ clothing, accessories, and more.

Calling her April 2011 wedding one of the “most highly-anticipated fashion moments of the year,” the magazine goes on to claim “the world has become mesmerized” with Kate’s look.

Which entails what, exactly?

  • She loves her some blue. Vogue calculated that as much as 24% of her wardrobe comes in the indigo hue, via ABC News.
  • Boat necks account for 42% of her tops.
  • Her signature drop earrings clock in both at one-and-one-third inches long.
  • She flashes an average of 8.6 pearly whites when she shows off her smile.
  • And those fascinators, the ones that inspired many a replica and a few Disney mashup memes? She wears it at a 50-degree tilt.

The magazine also carries an extensive look book from St. Andrews College days alongside Prince William leading up to her current sartorial faves like Issa dresses and platform pumps.

Pumps we guess she’ll pack gingerly as she prepares for the busy months ahead: Will and Kate are moving into Kensington Palace’s coveted Apartment 1A in the spring.

And then the matter of the royal baby (or babies?) come fall. For now, Kate will celebrate her special day “privately,” according to E! News.

Happy Birthday, Kate.

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