12 Pop Culture Moments That Swallowed the Internet in 2013

Paul Rosales

Was 2013 the year of Beyoncé or Miley — the GIF or the meme? Any way you look at it, 2013 was pure gold for Internet satire. Here's a rundown of 12 moments that caught our eye and captured the web's attention.

1. Unflattering Pics of Beyoncé

We would've thought the Destiny's Child Reunion would have been the biggest highlight of Super Bowl XVII halftime show, but thanks to a publicist's attempt to bar a few ill-timed shots, the Internet community pounced on the unflattering photos of Queen B and created all sorts of memes. Luckily, the "Single Ladies" singer had the last laugh when dropping her surprise self-titled "visual album" in December.

2. Twerking Miley

Miley Cyrus sure did come in like a "Wrecking Ball" at this year's MTV VMAs when she danced up on Robin Thicke — while waving around a foam finger suggestively — during a risqué performance of "Blurred Lines." The twerk seen 'round the world not only inspired some great memes and Halloween costume ideas, but also unleashed the Miley Movement. In 20 years, we might be asking, "Where were you when Miley twerked?"

3. "Game of Thrones's" Red Wedding

If you read the book, you knew it was coming. But for viewers who weren't familiar with the George R. R. Martin series, well, they received quite a shock when they were treated to some of the goriest scenes ever seen on TV. New rule for 2014: Don't get too comfortable with your favorite characters.

4. Harlem Shake

By the end of 2012, everyone was dancing "Gangnam Style," but it didn't take long for another dance sensation to consume the Internet. People around the world were doing the Harlem Shake and proudly sharing video of their free-for-all dancing spectacles. Even the Simpsons did it!

5. Tina Fey & Amy Poehler Host the Golden Globes

The funny ladies did such a great job of hosting the Globes that they were asked to do it again in 2014! Who doesn't love Amy Poehler and Tina Fey? (Well, maybe Tommy Lee Jones, who was clearly unamused while sitting in the audience at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's annual fete.)

6. Miguel Leg Drop

R&B newcomer Miguel only had one thing to do at the Billboard Music Awards and it was to perform his single, "Adorn." But in the heat of the moment, he attempted to jump across the audience pit, which ended in an epic fail. As a result, he ended up accidentally kicking two audience members in the head, one of whom at the time said she may have suffered brain damage as the result of the blow and was considering legal action. Since a lawsuit was never filed to our knowledge, we presume the woman is doing OK.

7. Sir Patrick Stewart & Sir Ian McKellen

Judging from the photos these BFFs share of themselves on social media, these two men of a certain age know how to have fun! And if Magneto and Professor X can have the best hangouts ever, then why can't we all just get along?

8. "Sharknado"

So long Shark Week! This past summer, "Sharknado" was all the rage. The awesomely bad B-movie, which starred '90s stars Ian Ziering and Tara Reid, featured an outlandish climax just as bizarre as a tornado spewing sharks.

9. Jennifer Lawrence Stumbles at the Oscars

2013 was without doubt a great year for Jennifer Lawrence. Each time she sat down for an interview or walked the red carpet, the 23-year-old won over more fans with her refreshingly candid and thoughtful approach to answering questions. However, the "Silver Linings Playbook" star wasn't so graceful upon walking up to the stage to collect her Oscar for best actress. Hey, nobody's perfect!

10. Miss Utah's Mess Up

Though it wasn't quite as bad as Miss South Carolina's word fumble in 2007 at the Miss Teen USA pageant, Miss Utah definitely failed to impress during the question-and-answer portion of the 2013 Miss USA pageant. And the Internet certainly didn't show her any mercy when it came to satirizing her "create education better" slip-up.

11. Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Stephen Merchant's Awkward Handshake

It wasn't the incredible lip-sync battle contested by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Stephen Merchant on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" that had the Internet abuzz, but rather JGL's denied handshake caught on camera right after Merchant's first performance.

12. Final Season of "Breaking Bad"

If you weren't watching the "Red Wedding," then you were most likely tuned in to the final season of AMC's "Breaking Bad." From Walt's "Tread Lightly" quote, to Huell's snuggling with stacks of cash, back to Walt's never-ending forehead creases, "Breaking Bad" certainly provided the Internet with lots of fodder!

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